The thought of having to make cold calls to prospects to generate sales may excite some people, but leaves many of us frozen in our tracks.  This next edition of Extreme Sales Makeover is all about building power, passion and persuasion into cold calls.

Let’s work together on a real-life scenario to improve our skills.

1. Building sales by cold calling

Meet my friend, Kathleen Crone.  She’s a gutsy and talented entrepreneur who runs Broadcast Builder – a business that provides educational services to builders.

A key part of her business model is to provide a free educational program to builders called Broadcast Builder Audio.  Kathleen funds this program by selling advertising/sponsorship to companies who also target builders – cold calling them!

2. Kathleen has asked for our help

“I need your assistance to improve my cold calling and sales skills – to get in front of potential clients. To make it easier for you to help me, I have provided a mock cold call on video with the transcription as well.”

Assume the following for this cold call:

  • I have called a potential sponsor;
  • They know nothing about Broadcast Builder or me;
  • I have been given a couple of minutes to explain Broadcast Builder Audio and its benefits;
  • My goal is to achieve a sales meeting.

How can you assist Kathleen?

Kathleen has specifically asked that we:

  1. Tell her how she can be more concise, persuasive and powerful;
  2. Help her learn how to engage the listener in a conversation;
  3. Tell her how to improve her voice and actions so that she can speak more effectively over the phone.

Related video  –

Website –

Let’s help Kathleen succeed

You don’t need to be a master persuader or sales trainer to contribute. A key lesson from the Sharewords workshop (that is still ‘live’) is that every idea, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, helps the group succeed. No ideas? Then leave some encouragement or words of support. This will fuel the efforts of others.

Simply write your suggestions, questions and or ideas in the comments below and both Kathleen and I will respond where appropriate.

3. BEFORE the extreme sales makeover

YouTube Preview Image

Transcript of the video

Broadcast Builder is an audio program that makes it easy for home builders to stay up to date with new products and trends

Each edition has 6 to 8 sponsored interviews that are delivered free to subscribers and they can be delivered, each edition can be delivered as a CD in the post, as podcasts or subscribers can listen online. What that means for our builder, the reason they love it, is because they can listen when and where they choose and what that means for you is they are listening at a time when they are most receptive to learning about your product.

In addition to the audio program, we also link all of our interviews to an online quiz.  So not only can you engage builders in discussions about your products, you can also measure the uptake and understanding of the messages you present to them.  So, that’s something that is just not available in print advertising.

Look I’m going to be in your area next week and I would really like the opportunity to show you how Broadcast Builder could work for you. And to demonstrate, show you some of the results that we have achieved for companies like yours.  Would you be available to meet next Tuesday or Thursday afternoon?

4. AFTER the extreme sales makeover

YouTube Preview Image

Transcript of the video

Hi Robin, this is Kathleen from Broadcast Builder. I’d love to talk to you about your green door solutions when you have a quick moment, would now be okay?

Thank you very much. Look, we provide online training for residential builders and we’ve had requests for more information on green building products.

I’ve got a program and a bunchy of really good ideas of how we can do this in a mutually beneficial way.  So it’s a short punchy presentation I would love to make to you, pending your availability.

I‘m in your area Thursday and Friday next week.  How does that sounds to you?

5. Kathleen’s key lessons for sales success

YouTube Preview Image

Kathleen has kindly prepared an excellent sales resource that lists all of the key sales distinctions, skills, techniques and tips that she has learned through this Extreme Sales Makeover process to help her increase her sales: [Download not found]

What do you think?


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