Writing words that sell is an incredibly valuable skill to have, especially if you plan to market products online.  It’s a skill that affects your income, so it’s worth putting effort in to continually improve it.  Below is a real-life example of sales copy that needs some sales muscle.

Let’s work on it together! Here are five pointers to stimulate your thinking.

Best-selling sales copy has…

1. Attractive looks

It grabs your attention the second you see it.  The key is to have a headline that works like a million-dollar smile. One that instantly stands out and makes you want to engage and discover more.

2. Slim lines

The best-ever body copy is fat free and full of value. Remove the bloated lumps of verbiage and sculpt firm, lean lines that make the reader feel great. Remember, waffle adds fat! 😉

3. Natural beauty

There’s something irresistible about words that are sourced from your authentic self.  Clever copy formulas may sound great, but they somehow all end up with a phony, ‘same-as-everybody-else’ feel about them. Be sure your copy glows vibrantly with your own personal style.

4. Core strength

At the heart of your sales copy must be real substance that in worth buying.  All the pretty word packaging in the world will never replace delivering a powerful payload based on your unique, core strengths.

5. Perfect fitness

Fitness is about pulse – having your finger on the pulse of the buyer and delivering something that fits their unmet needs.  There are bene-fits and perfect fits.  A perfect fit gets the buying endorphins flowing.  This happens when your copy delivers just what your target buyer can’t wait to buy – right now!

In summary

These are just five of the many ways to approach sales copy.  It’s an evergreen topic of books and blog posts and it’s for this reason that I’d like to approach it a little differently.

To create maximum value for this community of readers, I would love us to pool our experience and knowledge of what works best. Here’s how.

BEFORE | Helen’s extreme sales makeover

My friend Helen Crozier is a Business Productivity Consultant who transforms technology into productivity. (Helen’s Twitter and Website) Her latest Newsletter has the following sales copy to promoting a key service:

Let’s help Helen succeed

Given the importance of having effective sales copy and the high level of reader talent, participation and interactivity on this blog, I thought we could help Helen by workshopping her sales copy. The value of any recommendations we make can be tested by measuring Helen’s sales! :)

You don’t need to be a master copywriter to contribute. A key lesson from the Sharewords workshop (that is still ‘live’) is that every idea, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, helps the group succeed. No ideas? Then leave some encouragement or words of support. This will fuel the efforts of others.

Simply write your suggestions, questions and or ideas in the comments below and both Helen and I will respond where appropriate.

AFTER | Helen’s dramatic transformation

Note from Helen Crozier

Emerging from surgery with a post-op report on the flabby sales copy transformation, I am pleased to report that not only did I survive but I am fighting fit and feeling like a new woman.

Two weeks ago, I was in a hurry to get an overdue newsletter out to my subscribers and wanted to include a new service offering. I took the “don’t stress over perfection” advice to extreme and barely checked the copy before clicking send. What seemed most important was getting the newsletter out before the end of the week.

When Robin asked me if I would like to try another Radsmarts ‘experiment’ I was keen because in my heart I knew there was plenty of scope for improvement. Generous and thoughtful contributions to the post requesting help came in from all around the world (see the comments below). I cannot thank everyone enough. There was such a qualified and willing team at my disposal that I started to feel a bit of performance anxiety! Finally though when it came to the point where I just HAD  to face the job again it was not so bad. Cat and Robin had gathered some ideas and offered a base – it was then just up to me to do the final ediitng and tweaking. Armed with a highlighter pen I marked all the ideas that resonated with me and slowly it came together.

I added a new sales page to my site, included an early-bird discount and was ready to release my new ‘technology wish’ package to the world!

Feedback to the newsletter has been very positive and I must admit I felt a sense of pride this time. There has been one email already saying they are keen to ‘take up my offer’. I shall of course report on any sales which I feel will most certainly eventuate once the offering has been promoted further.

Thanks again everyone – I couldn’t have done it without you and thanks Robin for suggesting – it really wasn’t as bad as ‘open heart surgery’ after all.

Book Helen’s services here.

Well, what do you think of the transformation?


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