Here’s a little-known and rather clever Twitter tip used by savvy and influential bloggers including Chris Brogan and Leo Babauta. It saves time and makes life just a little easier for us. I was very quick to implement it myself. Take a look…

Include your URL in the Bio of your Twitter profile

This way, people who follow you can quickly make the jump from your Bio to your website(s) from the Following tab of your Profile page on Twitter – without having to make additional jumps. Having recently discovered this, I’m surprised how few people do it.  Scan the people you are following and check for yourself.

Here’s some more examples…




Mignon links to her latest podcast:

Johanna links to her fascinating blog about her family:

Claire links to her newsletter sign-up page:

Lindy doesn’t give her link, but cleverly includes her phone number:

Remember the http!

It’s important to include the http:// to make your link(s) active. It’s great that Suzi and Catriona give their links and it would be even better if they were active.



How to implement

It’s fast and simple:

1. Go to your Twitter page

2. Go to Profile

3. Go to Edit you profile

4. Go to Bio

I played around with the formatting a bit so as to get a better looking end result.

Your feedback

What do you think of this tip?  What are your thoughts and builds on this topic?

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