Business Success: break toxic spending habits

Business Success: how to ensure your business banks zero profits

Meanwhile, back in Hobbyville, people work so hard in their business that they fall into the trap of spending company money on unnecessary toys and treats as a form of reward. For example, Susan Kidd from Child at Heart, Children’s Psychologist has got into the habit of spending her precious company cash on top-of-the-range Pear-shaped brand computer gadgets that look good and make her feel good, but add no value to the business. No wonder she never banks any profit. 😉

Business Success: how to ensure your business banks zero profits

Cheeky cartoon by Robin Dickinson. 😉

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  1. Helen Crozier on September 26, 2013 at 8:12 am

    Great post/toon Robin.

    From my experience and from watching clients closely I’ve noticed that over spending on trivial non-essential items often happens when you are in a state of mindlessness. How common is it for people to keep buying books (and especially ebooks – 20 seconds after discovering a great read it’s yours!) despite the fact they already have enough on the shelves/kindle waiting for attention?

    There seems to be an insatiable hunger for stimulation when in this state of mindlessness or distraction. One way to reduce this sort of behaviour is to declare a one month ban on all non-essential items. It’s a bit like going on dry July and has a similar positive result on your finances. It breaks the habit of spending without thinking and might just be the boost to your business’s bottom line that you need.

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