Business Success: do your homework before working from home

Business Success – do your homework before working from home – by Robin Dickinson

Meanwhile, back in Hobbyville, people who start running their business from home get very little business done. For example, Rich Neverwillbe has just quit his corporate job to run a home-based Internet business. He paid very little attention to the day-to-day practicalities before doing so and now spends much of his time on home duties. 😉

Business Success – do your homework before working from home – by Robin Dickinson

Cheeky cartoon by Robin Dickinson. 😉

For more on Business Success refer to Chapter 6: Black Chair for commercial success in Robin’s new book, The Fortune 8.

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  1. Ingrid on March 26, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Agreed, working from home is not easy, but I think it’s also about management- and you have to be able to organise that and juggle all the roles and know your limitations realistically and have systems and supports in place. When I worked outside the home we had a weekly cleaner and gardener come every few weeks, now I work from home and still have those people working with me, work is work where ever it is. And there comes a time where you sort out what you value in terms of your time, efficiency and productivity. My Children have chores and we all work together to make family, work and play a better system and lifestyle; but again this is managing and organising a work from home environment… Consistency is key

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